Welcome to Brawny Auto, your number one source for Diesel Engines. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of our product, with a focus on REMANUFACTURING DIESEL ENGINES
Brawny Auto has come a long way from its beginnings with our eco-friendly and affordable Diesel Engines. Our crew monitors the arena market constantly so as to buy (pre-owned) engines, generator units and gearboxes. by way of doing so, we count on destiny call for and the technical specifications within the marketplace. We procure via a network of reputable suppliers and individuals. each engine or gearbox is systematically inspected and test-runned. The ultimately essential repair and/or reconditioning takes vicinity in our workshop. We stand for imparting our clients with a pleasant product and exact fee for cash!
as soon as the engine rebuild is complete, all Diesel sales remanufactured engines are Dyno tested. Dyno checking out guarantees the engine is ready to visit work, and all remanufacturing steps were finished nicely. Our remanufactured engines are Dyno tested for as much as four hours, assuring the engine is jogging like new for our customers. at some stage in Dyno checking out, the engine is inspected for leaks.

The smash-in manner begins even as the engine runs at the Dyno. because the engine continues to run, it’s miles warmed to operating temperature. Importantly, this checks the engine in ranges while checking the oil strain, water temperature, and exhaust temperature.

once our engine technicians are sure the engine is ready and fit enough to be mounted in a chunk of system, the engine is close down and drained of fluids. After a thorough cleansing, the engine is painted with OEM paint. sooner or later, once the engine is dry, it is shrink wrapped, crated, and shipped to the consumer.

Our customers keep returning to us because we pay attention and act in your desires. For us, customer support is of utmost significance and our professional sales crew will offer you with technical and sensible advice. This service additionally includes efficient managing of the related formalities. Exporting out of doors of Holland is not a trouble for us, specially customs clearing. way to our many years in business, Pool trading knows the ins- and outs of the myriad of global legal guidelines, policies and policies.